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Boilerplate: VueJS + ASP.NET MVC 5

If you need to start as soon as possible with a project using VueJS 2.0 and ASP.NET MVC 5, here I bring you a light Boilerplate/Template with the minimum setup 👍:

Let's make this run:

1) First, clone the repository
2) cd VueJS2-MVC5
3) npm install
4) npm run dev...And the VueJS is running with hot reloading on port 8080

Now let's go to the server-side:

1) npm run build to build the web project "for production use"
2) Open the solution in Visual Studio
3) Make sure to run the web project on http://localhost:54490

4) Press F5 and another window will open showing the built project on port 54490

Test the connexion between VueJS and ASP.NET MVC:

1) Go to the windows  running the VueJS project on http://localhost:8080/
2) Click on the button "Go and test the backend"
3) If the result says: "You have reached the backend", everything is working

That's all 🚀

If you want to know how this project is working…

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